We live in an increasingly virtual world — virtual jobs, virtual assistants, virtual reality, and so forth. So, it only makes sense that ATB Technologies offers a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) service.

ATB’s vCIO focuses on helping our clients stay on top of the latest technology, collaborating on the best ways to use it and guiding execution of IT strategies. Through our vCIO service, experienced leaders at ATB serve as IT liaisons for your executive team and business partners. It’s as if your business has an in-house chief information officer.

To educate you about the benefits of vCIO services, we asked Jim Stecher, ATB’s vice president of client strategy and vCIO, to share his insights.


ATB: Can you share an example of when a client achieved solid results using the vCIO process?

Jim Stecher: A client of mine was three years into the merger integration process, however, they’d been struggling to successfully integrate systems. 

A vCIO review of the process, technology, reporting and compliance highlighted key areas and must-haves to focus on, which paved the way for completing the technology integration.

As a result of the review, a timeline with clear milestones was provided. The client was able to retire the legacy system (and the associated costs) and enabled a single system and consistent operations. 

Not only did the organization’s productivity increase, but so did the team’s morale after finally completing a difficult and long process. If it wasn’t for the vCIO review, plan and timeline – the project would have taken much longer to complete. 


ATB: At what stage of the process does the client have the “aha” moment?

Jim Stecher: “Aha” moments often come during the assessment process and then continue as clients see outcomes in the implementation and optimization phases. Clients know their pain points and strengths. With the vCIO services, we bring tools, experiences, benchmarks and best practices to assess and highlight the opportunities for quick successes and longer-term improvements.


ATB: Why would a client need vCIO services?

Jim Stecher: Leaders of successful small to midsize organizations know their industry inside and out, understand customer needs, and focus on creating great experiences for employees. A vCIO service provides a strategic IT partner to align IT priorities and investments with business strategy and goals.

ATB’s vCIO, technical and sales team partner with clients for technical investment decisions and implementations to achieve a stable and secure infrastructure. This includes concentrating on things like ensuring technologies are properly supported and updated.


At the end of the day, our vCIO strives to work with clients to invest in and implement technology to spur cost-effective growth, customer satisfaction, talent attraction and retention, hybrid work models and other client priorities.Do you want to learn more about how your organization could benefit from ATB’s vCIO program? Schedule a free consultation today.

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