Businesses thrive on the relationship they build and maintain with their customers, and in today’s technology ecosystem, a wealth of solutions exist to help solidify and grow that connection. But how do you know if a software solution is the right fit for your business? Or if the one you already have is the best solution?

At ATB Technologies, our vCIO (virtual chief information officer) service helps businesses make strategic decisions that align with company goals and optimize the value of their technology. One area ATB’s vCIO service supports is helping companies navigate selecting a CRM (customer relationship management) solution that helps them best manage and grow customer connections.

CRM solutions are critical to many businesses’ sales, service, marketing and ordering processes, explained Jim Stecher, ATB’s vice president of client strategy. The power of these software solutions lies in their ability to organize, categorize, prioritize and monitor relationships with customers, including current, former and potential clients. These solutions can also provide important data that helps businesses continue to make strategic decisions in the long run. The possibilities are vast.

“If you look at the leading CRM solutions, they originally started supporting larger organizations, but today they have offerings that are often good for smaller organizations as well because they can leverage all of the investments and functionality that were developed for bigger companies,” Stecher said. “They get the same functionality, but the cost is less with fewer licenses needed. There are also dozens if not hundreds of smaller CRM solutions.”

The right fit is not a one-size fits all. Much depends on the size of the business and the business’s goals. Businesses need to consider all aspects of a CRM solution, such as ease of use, reporting system, contact management, customer support, and integration with their other business technology systems.  If you think your business may need to reassess its CRM solution or select a new one, click here to access ATB’s CRM Guide.

After completing the guide, if the answer to No. 10 is yes, ATB Technologies is ready to help you!Our dedicated IT experts will meet with you, learn how your business operates, walk you through an in-depth evaluation of possible options and help you discover opportunities to leverage your software to do your work more effectively and efficiently. Let us show you how you can get a better return on your technology investments and reap the benefits.  Contact ATB today! 

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